WW2 Russian Partisan Medal - Replica

WW2 Russian Partisan Medal - Replica
WW2 Russian Partisan Medal - Replica
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Established February 2, 1943.  The medals were awarded to partisan fighters, commanders of partisan detachments, and organisers of the partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War for valor and courage in the struggle to liberate the Soviet Union behind the lines of the German invaders. The obverse of the 34mm medals contains the profiles of Lenin and Stalin.  Around the profiles are the words "To The Partisan of the Patriotic War" in Cyrillic letters.  At the bottom of the obverse is a small banner with the letters "CCCP" divided in half by a small star.  The reverse of the medals contain a hammer and sickle at the top of the award followed by the inscription "For Our Soviet Fatherland" in Cyrillic letters.  Over 127,00 1st and 2nd Class Partisan Medals have been awarded.


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